Euro Cylinder Lock Snapping Issues and Prevention

Lock Snapping is a serious problem, and has been for the last few years. However, many homeowners are still unaware that their Front or Patio Door lock poses such a high security risk. Within seconds, the average Cylinder lock attached to your door can be broken , and allows instant access to your house. Watch the following videos for a demonstration of lock snapping in action

There are a couple of solutions to the lock snapping problem. You could fit anti snap handle covers which prevent access to the lock and therefore remove the problem. However, at Access locksmiths we tend to prefer replacing the lock itself with a high security 3 Star Euro Cylinder Lock. These work by preventing access after the lock has been snapped. The lock will still be broken by the intruder, but they will be unable to gain any further access to the lock mechanism, and therefore your home remains secure. These new 3 star locks are very cost effective, and we can fit them to all your uPVC or front doors for much less than you may think. For more information call us or send us an enquiry.